Private Pilot Licences

The PPL: your passport to flying and, for many, also their first step towards becoming a professional pilot. Here at Horizon Aviation, we can provide all the training you need to go from your first flight to holding the licence in your hand.

On the pages linked below, we’ll explain how it all works; what you need to do to gain a licence and what you can do with it once you have.

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PPL or LAPL: What’s the difference?

Private Pilot Licence


The EASA Private Pilot Licence allows you to fly, on a non-commercial basis, in any aircraft that you are qualified to operate. The privileges can be extended by adding “ratings” such as those for night, aerobatic or instrument flight, as well as for more complex types of aircraft.

The PPL is internationally recognised outside the EU and is often the first stage of “modular” training for those interested in becoming a professional pilot.

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Light Aircraft Pilot Licence


The EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licence allows you to fly, on a non-commercial basis, in aircraft of limited size and carrying a maximum of three passengers. The privileges can be extended somewhat by adding “ratings” for night or aerobatic flight.

The LAPL is not internationally recognised outside the EU, but for people interested in purely recreational flying, it is more than sufficient. It also benefits from more basic medical requirements than the PPL.

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