Night Rating

There is one thing that almost every pilot loves: getting airborne on a smooth, clear night and enjoying the view of all the towns and cities lit up below.

The Night Rating (formerly the Night Qualification) is the ideal new challenge once you’ve achieved your PPL or LAPL and is also great opportunity to keep your flying going over the winter months. Completing the training is also one of the requirements for progressing on to a Commercial Pilot Licence course.

Even if you never use it in anger, we’re sure that the Night Rating will be one of the most enjoyable flying courses you ever do. Read on to find out more…

The Basics…

The Night Rating, simply put, extends the privileges of your licence to include flying at night and in fair weather (unless you also hold a separate instrument flying qualification).

The course consists of 5 hours of flying, with a corresponding syllabus of groundschool and no tests.

Even if you never plan on specifically flying at night, holding the rating means you won’t have to worry on the day that you arrive back at the airfield a little late!

Before you start…

There are few specific requirements for commencing a Night Rating course. You can even include it as part of your EASA PPL training!.

If you hold an EASA LAPL, you will have to have completed the PPL Basic Instrument Flight training (1 hour) before starting the course and we can provide this for you as part of your training.

What does the course involve?…

Night Rating training is completed in our DA40 aircraft and consists of a minimum of 5 hours’ flying (with associated groundschool), including:
Icon3 hours dual flight instruction
Icon1 hour dual navigation flight (and a navigation route of at least 50km)
Icon5 solo takeoffs and full-stop landings

If you hold both an SEP and TMG rating on your licence, then the course can be completed on either class (or even a combination of both).


We are currently offering Night Rating courses, at our Bournemouth base, for an all-inclusive price of just £TBA. This includes student membership, 5 hours of aircraft hire, with all associated flight & ground instruction and all landings.

If you prefer to pay as you fly, we can provide you with an estimate of costs, based on our standard training rates.

While the vast majority of people do complete the course within the required 5 hours and there is no formal skills test to pass, you must obviously reach a safe solo standard in order to complete all elements of the training. If you do need a little extra flying, this will be charged at our standard dual rate.

For more information about our training rates, please contact us.


If you’d like to know more, please contact us today to book your place.