Safety Management Systems

In today’s world, the requirement for Health & Safety assurance has become more important than ever before across the entire business spectrum. The ideal way of achieving this, and one which is already becoming mandatory in many safety-critical industries, is the concept of Safety Management Systems.

Horizon Aviation has many years of experience in the creation and maintenance of effective Safety Management Systems in the most demanding of safety-critical environments and have the expertise to help you create a high-quality, practical solution for your organisation.

What is a Safety Management System?

A Safety Management System is designed to show everyone involved, from employees and customers, to insurers and regulators, that your organisation is operating as safely as practicable. It also provides evidence to CEOs and Board Members that their organisation is safe.

In practical terms, an SMS establishes a pro-active and open approach to safety reporting, as well as creating quantifiable processes for the maintenance and continuous improvement of safety standards.

It ensures that all of your people are involved throughout the process. All personnel are made aware of any safety-related occurrences within your organisation (and any of relevance which have occurred in similar industries) through a publicity and feedback element. All of this information is then used to continuously review your organisation’s processes, constantly working to reduce risks to As Low As Reasonably Practicable.

What are the benefits?

Employing a high-quality Safety Management System in your organisation could allow you to:
IconImprove safety throughout all levels of your organisation
IconProvide quantifiable safety assurance to all stakeholders and interested parties
IconEnjoy potential cost savings and reputational benefits of having an effective SMS

What we can do for you

Horizon Aviation can work with you to implement a Safety Management System from its inception right through to the delivery of a fully functioning process. This includes documentation, drafting of Risk Registers, guidance during the initial incorporation into your organisation, and training of personnel in the concepts and use of your new SMS.

For businesses taking their first step into the world of Safety Management Systems, we can provide an initial consultation to advise you on how an SMS can help your organisation.

If you already have a working system in place, we also provide reviews of existing processes and can help you to improve their performance.

Why choose us?


Proven Expertise

Our people have decades of experience between them in the design, implementation and monitoring of Safety Management Systems, both basic and complex, covering anything from simple organisations with few employees to large-scale front line military operations.

Cross-Industry Experience

Horizon Aviation has experience across several industries. Not only have we worked with organisations within many areas of aerospace and defence, but we have also collaborated with clients in the healthcare, railway, transportation and voluntary sectors.


If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your organisation, please contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your individual requirements.