Training Aircraft

Diamond DA40

PPL | SEP | Night | IR | IMC

With its modern composite design, advanced avionics and efficient diesel engine, the DA40 Diamond Star is the new standard for training aircraft.

Our own aircraft are fitted with the full “glass” G1000 panel, autopilots and all the instrumentation needed for full IFR flight.

In common with other aircraft from the Diamond stable, the DA40 is a delight to fly and has flying characteristics that make it an ideal trainer. We’re sure you’ll enjoy every minute.

Diamond DA42 TwinStar


Much like it’s smaller, single-engined sibling, the DA42 is a delight to fly and a perfect aircraft to learn both multi engine flying and instrument flight. with its modern “glass” cockpit and comprehensive navigation equipment, the TwinStar will stand you in good stead for the challenges of the Instrument Rating.

With a proven track record of training at flying schools around the globe, the DA42 is now the standard in multi engine training aircraft. On site maintenance by the specialists at our Diamond Service Centre also ensures the best in reliability for our aircraft.

Scottish Aviation Bulldog

Aerobatics | UPRT | Advanced Handling

Used for many years by the Royal Air Force as their basic flying training aircraft for all pilots, the Bulldog is an excellent all-rounder.

Being fully-aerobatic, it is ideal for advanced general handling and upset recovery training, as well as variable-pitch propeller differences training. All of our aerobatics and advanced handling courses are currently completed on the Bulldog, as well as the optional spin training exercises offered to our PPL students.

G-BULL originally served in the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force and still sports that livery today.