Training Aircraft

PA-28 Cherokee

Intro Lessons | PPL | Night | IMC

A long-time favourite of flying schools around the world, the PA-28 is an ideal aircraft for learning the basics of flight, with its forgiving characteristics.

Our own aircraft, G-AXJX, has spent the majority of her life training pilots; beginning at Oxford Air Training in 1969, before moving to a flying school in Manchester for many years and then, through a variety of private owners, to Horizon Aviation in 2013.

Throughout this time, she has been well looked after, going through several refurbishments and updates, and is an excellent example of the type.

Scottish Aviation Bulldog

Intro Lessons | Aerobatics | Advanced Handling

Used for many years by the Royal Air Force as their basic flying training aircraft for all pilots, the Bulldog is an excellent all-rounder.

Being fully-aerobatic, it is ideal for advanced general handling and upset recovery training, as well as variable-pitch propeller differences training. All of our aerobatics and advanced handling courses are currently completed on the Bulldog, as well as the optional spin training exercises offered to our PPL students.

G-BULL originally served in the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force and still sports that livery today.